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Polis Repablik Singapura -"Setia dan Bakti"

CPL(NS), PC(APF), SGT(V) - Mohamed Farhan Abdullah

Born in October 1989, Singaporean Malay. Currently a volunteer police officer and an auxiliary police officer. Strong interest in military/police related things, NASCAR, toponymy, cats, history and heritage.

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"Dreams Make our Lives a Reality"

A personal quote of mine as a form of motivation to strive for when working towards a goal/ ambition. Dreams define our inner desires, what we want to accomplish in life. By setting a path, we can work towards it to making it a reality.

Basically, a channel for me to share my thoughts, views, rants, reflections, experiences of the world around me. This is one man's view of the world.

This blog is unique in a sense where it features stories and happenings in my life along with infopedia, research and knowledge of whatever that interests me, sharing them with others thru this platform


The "Thin Blue Line" is an unofficial symbol of Law Enforcement that originated from the United Kingdom. Today, it is more prevalent in the United States and Canada with the purpose of commemorating fallen officers and also showing support to serving officers. It symbolizes the relationship of law enforcement in the community as the protectors of civilians from criminal elements.
The Thin Blue Line symbol superimposed on the Singapore flag.
The above is inspired by the Thin Blue Line symbols of the United States and Canada, where a gray scaled version of the state flag is superimposed with a blue line is used. This version uses the Singapore flag, gray scaled and superimposed with a blue line in between. Here in Singapore, where the police officers are being overstretched due to their duties and not given the due respect from their respective organizations and civilians; thus this symbol serves as a morale booster and motivation for all serving officers and supporters of the police.  

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