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Yesterday, 13th May 2016, I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Police and Security Studies. So allow me to share the moments here on my blog.
The stage where the folders would be given out.
We arrived at the convention center. As I haven't seen some of my classmates in person for over six months, I felt a bit happy to have rekindled some of the relationships with a greeting and handshake.
Backstage with my classmates.
The ceremony started. Row by row, the grandaunts stood up to join the queue backstage. Soon, it was my turn. Followed by a quick toilet break with another classmate, we ran back to queue and that was when we snapped the above photo. We then took our turn on stage.
It was my turn to walk on the stage. A quick salute before to my loved ones before I shook the guest of honor and received my diploma. The quick salute was a gesture of tribute to my loved ones for their role as my pillar of strength.

Here are the rest of the photos during the graduation.
My pillars of strength.
Me and my fiancee.
First photo taken after exiting the hall.
Me and Ahmad. One of my classmates.
Me and Kumaran. The poster boy of Certis CISCO. He graduated with merit.
Me and Mega. His entourage was the biggest among our class.
Me and Ashok. He graduate with merit
Me and Winson, the closest person I'm with in class.
Soon after, we were joined by my cousin, a junior in my school who is taking up a course in logistics. She bought me some chocolates as a graduation present.
Me and my cousin.
Fiancee trying on the graduation gown.
And finally, the photo booth pictures as posted on the Temasek Polytechnic Alumni Facebook page.
Photobooth picture 1
Photobooth picture 2

Friday, May 6, 2016

Malay Road Toponyms 23

In a few posts, we'll finally be ending this series. I for one an relieved to get this out there for all to see.

Jalan Baiduri
   جالن بيدوري

Located off Lorong L Telok Kurau and Telok Kurau Road, Jalan Baiduri is flanked by landed houses and first appeared on maps in 1966. Baiduri is the Malay name for Opal, a multi-colored gemstone.

Jalan Gagus
   جالن ڬڬوس

Located off Haig Road and ending at Jalan Tembusu. The minor lane is flanked by 60s era landed housing. Gajus is the Malay word for Cashew nut.

Jalan Grisek
  جالن ڬيرسك

A minor lane off Jalan Lana, Jalan Grisek first appeared on maps in 1966 and is located within Jalan Senang Estate in Kembangan. The road, Jalan Grisek seems to be named after the Grisek Regency. A city located within the East Java Province of Indonesia.

Jalan Krian
   جالن كريان

Jalan Krian first appeared on maps in 1966. It is a minor lane flanked by the landed housing of Jalan Senang Estate. After extensive research, I couldn't find the exact name to the name "Krian" seems to be "krian duat", a plant that bares the Java Plum fruit. The plant is scientifically known as Syzygium cumini.

Jalan Lapang
    جالن لاڤڠ

Named in 1933, Jalan Lapang is a long minor road located off Jalan Kembangan ending at Jalan Lana, it intersects several roads within Jalan Senang Estate. The road is flanked by mostly landed houses and also the only mosque in the area, Masjid Mydin. Lapang is translated to 'free', 'wide' or 'roomy' from Malay.

Jalan Lana
    جالن لان

First appeared on maps in 1966, Jalan Lana is a short minor lane sandwiched between Jalan Lapang and Jalan Gerisek. The road houses landed residential homes of Jalan Senang Estate. "Lana" or "pokok memanjat" in Malay refers to any climbing vine.

Jalan Masjid
   جالن مسجد

Located off Changi Road, Jalan Masjid houses condos, shops and food stalls. Officially named in 1932, Masjid is the Malay word for mosque. Although no mosques are situated alongside the namesake road, It could be referring to the nearby Masjid Kassim, which has existed since the 1920s and was named in honor of Ahna Mohamed Kassim Bin Ally Mohamed, who donated the land the mosque now sits. There is also a Mosque Street in Chinatown

Jalan Paras
  جالن ڤارس

Jalan Paras is a minor road flanked by the landed houses of Jalan Senang Estate. Paras in Malay means a person's 'look' or 'face'. Usually used to describe the person's facial features. The road first appeared on maps in 1966.

Jalan Pasir Ria
   جالن ڤاسير ريا

Jalan Pasir Ria is a short minor dead end lane located off Pasir Panjang Road. "Pasir Ria" is translated to "lively sand" in English. The road is flanked by landed houses on one side and Ria Apartments Condominium on the other.

Jalan Pelepah
     جالن ڤلڤه

This network of roads is located off Pasir Panjang Road. Jalan Pelepah houses 60s era landed housing and shophouses in the area. In Malay, pelepah refers to the midrib of a leaf, a large strengthened vein along the mid line of a it.

Jalan Sayang
    جالن سايڠ

Starting from Changi Road and ending at Jalan Kiran, Jalan Sayang was officially named in 1933. The minor road is flanked by landed houses of Jalan Senang Estate. Sayang in Malay could be translated to "affection", "beloved" or "love". It is basically used to describe affection to something or someone.

Jalan Selamat
   جالن سلامت

Jalan Selamat is a long minor road within Jalan Senang Estate. It is flanked by private landed houses. The road was officially named in 1933. Selamat is translated to safe from Malay. There is also another road named Taman Selamat, most likely a variation of the name.

Jalan Senang
     جالن سنڠ

Jalan Senang is located within its namesake estate, Jalan Senang Estate, a landed housing estate between Kembangan and Chai Chee. Located off Sims Avenue East, Jalan Senang was officially named in 1933. The long network of roads also spawned another road named Senang Crescent.

Jalan Sentosa
   جالن سنتوسا

Located within Jalan Senang Estate, off Jalan Lapang and flanked by landed houses, Jalan Sentosa was officially named in 1933. Jalan Sentosa is translated to "Tranquil Road" from Malay.

Jalan Senyum
     جالن سڽوم

This long minor road, can be seen from Changi Road aquired its name, Jalan Senyum, in 1932. Flanked by the landed houses of Jalan Senang Estate, "senyum" means "smile" in Malay.

Jalan Wakaff
    جالن واقفف

Located off Changi Road, Jalan Wakaff is flanked by some mixed used buildings in the area. Wakaff, or wakaf as it is currently spelled is referred to English as "endowment". In English, the word wakaf can be spelled as waqf, waqaf or wakf. Jalan Wakaff was officially named in 1932.

Jalan Waringin
   جالن واريڠين

Located within Jalan Senang Estate, Jalan Waringin is named after a tree known as pokok beringin or waringin in the Indonesian spelling. in English, it is called Bayan Tree. Jalan Waringin also spawned another nearby road named Waringin Park. The road first appeared on maps in 1966.

Lorong Bandang
      لوروڠ بادڠ

Located off Telok Kurau Road, Lorong Badang is a short minor lane flanked by private houses and a condominuim named "A Quene". First appearing on maps in 1963, Lorong Badang is named in honor of  Badang, a legendary Malay folk hero mentioned in Sejarah Melayu (The Malay Annals) was renowned for his mighty physical strength.

Kampong Eunos
  كامڤوڠ اييونوس

Sandwiched between Sims Avenue East and Changi Road, Kampong Eunos was the site for the namesake kampong.  The original name, Kampung Melayu Jalan Eunos, was gazetted in 1928 by the colonial government. It was later renamed in honor Encik Eunos Abdullah, it used to be bounded by Lorong Sarina, Jalan Yasin, Jalan Eunos and Changi Road. A fire broke out in February 1963 and sometime in the 80s, the kampong itself was cleared for Sims Avenue East, which cuts through the kampong. Today, only a namesake minor road remains of what was once Kampong Eunos. The road was officially named in 1934.
Source: Toponymics: A Study of Singapore Street Names INSB 981 201364 3

Lorong Marzuki
    لوروڠ مرزوقي

Officially named in 1932, Lorong Marzuki stretches all the way from Changi Road to Jalan Daud in the north. The minor road is flanked by landed housing. Marzuki appears to be a name of a person.

Lorong G Telok Kurau, Lorong H Telok Kurau, Lorong J Telok Kurau, Lorong K Telok Kurau, Lorong L Telok Kurau, Lorong M Telok Kurau, Lorong N Telok Kurau
لوروڠ ڬ تلوق كوراو، لوروڠ ه تلوق كوراو، لوروڠ ج تلوق كوراو، لوروڠ ق تلوق كوراو، لوروڠ ل تلوق كوراو، لوروڠ م تلوق كوراو، لوروڠ ن تلوق كوراو

Lorong G Telok Kurau, Lorong H Telok Kurau, Lorong J Telok Kurau, Lorong K Telok Kurau, Lorong L Telok Kurau, Lorong M Telok Kurau and Lorong N Telok Kurau are all located with Telok Kurau with Telok Kurau Road cutting the center of each lane. All of these roads houses 60s era landed housing and private condominiums. Telok Kurau, translated to English as "Mango Fish Bay", was once a fishing village called Telok Kurau. It is unknown when and why the name came about.

In a time of when roads were given Malay names, Lorongs G to N Telok Kurau follows a system similar to Toa Payoh, Realty Park, Changi and Geylang. However using letters instead of numerals and follows systematically from descending order. Lorong F Telok Kurau was assigned to a reserve road in the area and was named in 1952 but has since became expunged. There was also a "Lorong P Telok Kurau" which has since been renamed to Saint Patrick's Road.

Sidenote, this similar system also existed on some roads within the stretch of East Coast Road. as "Lorong A East Coast" through "Lorong F East Coast", but these roads in turn were renamed after people and fruits in 1934. In this sense, these Lorongs at Telok Kurau may have served the alphabetical continuity to the Lorongs at East Coast.

Taman Kembangan
         تامن كمبڠن

Taman Kembangan, another variation to the name Jalan Kembangan is located off Jalan Kembangan and is located within Jalan Senang Estate. First appearing on maps in 1975, the site the road sits on was formerly known as Kampong Kembangan.

Taman Selamat
    تامن سلامت

Similar to the nearby sister road of Taman Kembangan, Taman Selamat is a road name used in variation to the adjacent Jalan Selamat. First appearing on maps in 1975, it was formerly the site of the former Kampong Kembangan. Today its a part of Jalan Senang Estate, the road is surrounded by landed houses.

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