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Police Related Memorabilia Part 3

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This final section covers the well known Auxiliary Police Forces, namely Certis CISCO, AETOS and SATS. To the general public, they may seem like security officers with arms, performing mundane roles that the police force has outsourced to. But to the contrary, while on duty, auxiliary police officers hold similar powers as of SPF officers without investigation.

Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force

Certis CISCO is the oldest auxiliary police force. It started out as a separate unit, the Guard and Escort Unit of the Singapore Police Force. The unit then separated to become the "Commercial and Industrial Security Corporation" (CISCO) a government statutory board. The uniforms and vehicles at that time were similar to the Singapore police. In 2005, CISCO ceased to be a government statutory board to become a private corporation. With that, the changes to the uniform and other accessories were effected due to the privatization.
Progression of Certis Cisco APF cap badges
Traffic Cap
Certis CISCO APF Pocket Book (Right)
Certis CISCO APF Pass Holder
Certis CISCO APF Peaked cap and no 3 uniform belt
Certis CISCO APF Utility Belt
Certis CISCO APF Cordon tape
Old and current reflective vests.
Certis CISCO APF Proficiency badges. Top to bottom, Marksman, IPPT sliver and gold, X-Ray trained badge
Cash and Valuable Escort Badge

Certis CISCO APF Uniforms (Old)

CISCO Police uniforms, before 2005
Being a government statutory board, Certis CISCO APF officers use to don uniforms similar to the Singapore Police counterparts. The only way to tell apart from a CISCO officer and a regular policeman is the name tag and collar and cap badges. CISCO name tags have white a border while SPF wear all black name tags. The collar badges also state "CISCO AUXILIARY POLICE" on the scroll rather than "POLIS REPABLIK SINGAPURA".

Certis CISCO APF Uniforms (Current)

Certis CISCO APF male (Left) and female (Right) number 3 uniform
Certis CISCO APF Male Number 3 uniform
Certis CISCO APF number 4 uniform
Certis CISCO APF Senior officer uniform.
Today, after being corporatized, Certis CISCO APF officers use uniforms different than the police force. The color is a much paler steel blue, metallic Certis CISCO crests are used in place of the SPF crest and a brown belt is used.

CISCO Istana Police

Certis CISCO APF uniforms for Istana deployment.
For Certis CISCO APF officers deployed at Istana, they use similar uniforms to the Singapore Police Force. The purpose of this is to project continued police presence despite the security operations being sub-contracted to a private security company.

However their uniforms still bare minor differences from their SPF counterparts. The obvious differences is the use of Certis CISCO name tags and cap/collar badges. The breast pocket flaps of the male uniforms are regular "V" design rather than the "scalloped" pocket flaps that most police forces incorporated into their uniforms.

Certis CISCO APF Vehicles

Certis CISCO APF Nissan Sunny
Old Certis CISCO APF van
LTA Traffic Marshal Piaggio MP3
New Honda CB400X police bike.
In the past, CISCO APF vehicles mostly follow the liveries of the Singapore Police Force in dark blue with white roofs for vans and white for patrol cars and motorcycles.  Today, the liveries color scheme is still the same but Certis CISCO logos and "AUXILIARY POLICE" are use in places of the SPF crest and "POLICE" respectively.

SATS Auxiliary Police Force

SATS Auxiliary Police Force (Previously an acronym for "Singapore Airport Terminal Services" before 2009) is an APF of SATS Security Services, a wholly owned subsidy of SATS Ltd, a ground handling company. The auxiliary police force was previously known as "Singapore Airlines Auxiliary Police Force" before being transferred to its SATS subsidiary. Based in Changi Airport, the force is more aligned towards aviation related security for its aviation clients.
SATS Security Services sign at the head office.
Old SATS Police logo with the SIA bird.
Old era SATS Police Baseball Cap
Logo up close.
From pre-2007, as the SATS was formerly a part of Singapore Airlines, the SIA "Bird" Sliver Kris logo was used. For the unarmed security officers, the scroll bear the words "SATS SECURITY SERVICES" instead of "SATS AUXILIARY POLICE".
The old SATS Police logo on the flag.
SATS Police crest sticker
The above crest was used during the 1st re-branding exercise. Singapore Airlines divested its ground handling arm and it adopted an independent identity,  SATS Ltd.
New SATS Police crest on a plaque
The "SATS" typeface was changed as the parent company changed its logo once again in a 2nd re-branding exercise. The "shield" still retained its orange color as the maroon was thought to resemble the logo of the Singapore Police Force.
Updated on December 2016: Current SATS Police Crest
The current SATS Police crest as of November 2016, in line with the parent company's logo. The logo itself was inspired by the new crest of the Singapore Police Force
Progression of SATS Police cap badges
Reflective vest patches, badges, buttons and name tag.
SATS Police Lance Corporal Rank and SATS Security Agent epaulette.
Other memorabilia featuring the SATS Police crest and badges.
SATS Police Marksmanship Badge
SATS Police Pocket Books
SATS Police Station Diary
Old SATS Police reflector with the bird logo
SATS Police vest with the SIA bird logo
Old and current SATS Police vest after the SIA split
My name tag
SATS Police peak cap and belt
Old SATS Police Polo tee
Updated on December 2016: Collar badges and Utility belt buckle with the new crest.
Accessories updated with the new SATS Police Crest.

SATS Police Uniforms

Older SATS Police uniforms, featuring the ladies with skirt variation.
Updated on December 2016:  SATS Police uniforms in the 90s
Updated on December 2016: The metallic ornaments closely follow the uniforms of SPF
The female and male version of the SATS Police uniform.
SATS Police Senior Officer (Right)
Updated on December 2016: SATS Police Senior Officer in the Bush Jacket
Since its inception in 1981, SATS Police uniforms always have had the baby blue top. The reasons being is to differentiate themselves with the Singapore Police. The other is so that international travelers will instantly recognize the officer as being a policeman because many other police organizations also adopt blue as the uniform color. Only minor and less noticeable changes are made and upgraded such as name tags, pants and collar badges.

SATS Police Vehicles

SATS Police van in the older livery
SATS Police van in the older livery
SATS Police van (Front view)
SATS Police van.
Updated on December 2016: With the "AUXILIARY POLICE" branding on the side.
SATS Police vehicles has always followed the liveries of its parent company, SATS, with the addition of "SATS Auxiliary Police" decals, police light bars on the roof and window and headlight grill mesh to protect the glass from shattering.

AETOS Auxiliary Police Force

AETOS Auxiliary Police came to be after merging from the APFs of ST Kinetics, PSA Corporation and CIAS in 2004. The skeleton structure followed and adapted from PSA Police
How Aetos came to be.
The crest sitting outside the former administration building at Old Police Academy
Old AETOS APF embroidery collar and cap badges.
Current AETOS APF metallic collar and cap badges with old and new name tags.
AETOS APF Pocket Book and reflective patch
AETOS APF ranks. Police Constable, Lance Corporal, Corporal and Sergeant
AETOS APF ranks, Assistant Superintendent and Station Inspector
Updated on December 2016: My personal collection of AETOS APF ranks
Old AETOS APF Traffic cap and baseball cap.
AETOS APF Peak cap, male (Left) and female (right)
Old AETOS belt, No 3 uniform (Top), No 4 Uniform (bottom) 
Before the Patches, the armband was implemented to inject differences into the uniform from SPF
Old figurine given as a prize
AETOS Long Service Stars (Bronze) Old (Left) New (Right)
Nolan Helmets, N91 (Left) N95 (Right)


Old AETOS Auxiliary Police Uniforms, 2004 - 2013
Current AETOS APF number 3 uniforms. Left junior officer, right senior officer
Myself in the new number 4 uniform.
The old AETOS APF uniforms are actually brought over from PSA Police and implemented forcewide during the merger of the three auxiliary police forces. In 2013, as directed by the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD), more changes and differences are injected into the uniform as it still resembles the uniforms of the Singapore Police from a distance. The result is a steel greenish blue and chocolate belt with the AETOS APF crests on the sleeves.
Enforcement auxiliary police uniform
Recently in November 2015, the Enforcement Auxiliary Police Officer position was launched. These officers are somewhat similar to the Singapore Police Forces' Vigilante Corps. They do not carry firearms while on duty.

AETOS APF Vehicles

AETOS APF Mitsubishi Lancer Patrol Car
AETOS APF Toyota Vios and Hiace van
AETOS APF Toyota Vios in older livery
AETOS APF Nissan Sunny in older livery
AETOS APF van in older livery
Former AETOS APF Honda CBX 800 Motorcycle
AETOS APF Scooters
AETOS APF Honda CB400 Super Four Spec III
AETOS APF Honda CB400 Super Four Revo
AETOS APF LTA Marshal Honda Super Four
AETOS APF Yamaha MT-09

AETOS APF LTA Marshal Yamaha MT-09
AETOS APF Yamaha Diversion XJ900P
Being a private company, AETOS APF vehicles look nothing like vehicles from the police force. But the earlier vehicle livery do look much closer to police inspired liveries thanks to the checkered boxes.