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Police Related Memorabilia Part 2

For Your Information: Police Related Memorabilia Part 2

Continuing from my previous post which features the Singapore Police Force, this next part features the Auxiliary Police Forces in Singapore.

Some of these badges and memorabilia are ultra rare as many are not made and the respective organizations have been merged and no longer in existence. Some are made in tiny quantities that only those who have worked or are currently working in these organizations could have access and acquired them.

Singapore has five auxiliary police forces, namely:

- AETOS Auxiliary Police Force.
- ANZUK Installations Auxiliary Police Force
- Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force
- SATS Auxiliary Police Force
- Polis Tambahan Pulau Bukom

Defunct auxiliary police forces:

- ST Kinetics Auxiliary Police Force.
- PSA Corporation Auxiliary Police Force.
- CIAS Auxiliary Police Force.
- Sentosa Development Corporation Auxiliary Police Force.

ANZUK Installations Auxiliary Police Force

Founded in 1972, ANZUK Installations Auxiliary Police Force (ANZUK IAPF) was formed for the purpose of guarding all Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom (Hence the acronym "ANZUK") installations in Singapore.

Today, the force is under the purview of New Zealand Force South East Asia (NZFORSEA) the last major foreign military presence based in Singapore; within the NZ Force Headquarters unit. With a strength of over 50 officers, the force is staffed by Singaporean APOs but commanded by an NZ Navy officer. IAPF is based solely within Sembawang Wharves. Despite being owned by the NZ Navy, they hold similar police powers as with other Auxiliary Police Forces in Singapore.

Collectibles and memorabilia from NZ IAPF are extremely rare as the force is very small and I actually have a hard time acquiring any memorabilia from the officers working inside. But here is a collection of photos to at least know what they look like.

IAPF shoulder strap badge and NZ Kiwi patches
My friend's graduation photo
NZ IAPF corporal receiving a prize
Updated on January 2017: Commander IAPF, (Left)
a junior officer (Center) and a NZ Navy Officer (Right)
Credits: Royal NZ Navy Twitter
IAPF officers previously wear brown uniform similar to the colonial uniforms of the past. Sometime later, they switched to a royal blue top with a navy blue bottom. They still retain the epaulette badges from the colonial uniforms which state "IAPF" instead of "PNS" and the New Zealand Kiwi symbol on the sleeve patches.

IAPF Rank Structure

Similar to the Singapore Police Force and other Auxiliary Police Forces, their rank structure starts from Lance Corporal till Assistant Superintendent who is also Commander of IAPF.

Updated on January 2017: 

IAPF Officers in Citadel Pacific 2016 Exercise

Exclusive and rare photos of IAPF officers in a joint exercise with the Singapore Armed Forces on September 2016. These photos reveal the IAPF's number 4 tactical uniforms and high visibility vests officers use.
Photo credits: Here
IAPF APOs intercepting a vehicle.
IAPF APOs intercepting a vehicle.
IAPF APOs in action.
IAPF APOs in action
Officers inspecting a vehicle.
Rear of a IAPF patrol car.
The uniforms are similar to SPF's Number 4 uniforms in a dark "steel blue" color. Their high visibility vests are similar to AETOS Auxiliary Police. Their sleeve patches feature both the IAPF crest and New Zealand Kiwi logos. Their epaulettes also indicate "IAPF" below the ranks.

IAPF Vehicles

ANZUK IAPF patrol car
IAPF vehicle liveries also follow their New Zealand Police counterparts. Previously, their cars only have the word "POLICE". Most likely requested by the PLRD to include the "AUXILIARY" inside. Their vehicles also bear special "NZ" prefix license plates.

CIS/STK Auxiliary Police Force

CIS APF (Chartered Industries of Singapore Auxiliary Police Force) is the antecedent of STK APF (Singapore Technologies Kinetics Auxiliary Police Force). Since 2004, STK APF has since merged with AETOS Auxiliary Police.
Peak Cap Badges of CIS APF and STK APF
CIS APF Collar Crest (Gold Variation)
Patches of CIS APF and STK APF

CIS/ST Kinetics Auxiliary Police Rank Structure

Epaulette Ranks of CIS/STK APF
The ranks of CIS/STK APF are as follows, from the bottom to the top; Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Station Inspector, Inspector, Assistant Superintendent and Commander STK APF, a Deputy Superintendent.
CIS/STK APF Pocket Book and Patch
A patriotic rendition of the STK APF Crest

CIS/STK APF Uniforms

STK APF group photo
CIS Police officers. Note the metallic ornaments and berets.
STK Police officers. Their uniforms resembling SPF uniforms of the late 90s.
An STK Police officer and a police van
CIS/STK APF Officers used similar uniforms to the Singapore Police Force with similar colors and metallic ornaments. CIS/STK logos were used in place of the state shield and when the metallic ranks were moved to the epaulettes, the letters "APF" were added below the ranks for junior officers to distinguish the uniforms of the SPF.

Their vehicle liveries are also similar to SPF vehicles of the 90s with the SPF crests replaced with the crest of STK Police.

PSA Corporation Auxiliary Police Force

Old Crest of PSA Police.
Previously a statutory board, PSA Corporation is now a private entity owned by Temasek Holdings. It's security branch, PSA Auxiliary Police, or PSA Police for short was at that time known as "H" Division will full police authority and powers. In 2004, PSA Police merged with AETOS APF.
PSA Corporation APF final crest before the merger with AETOS
PSA Police crest on a jacket

PSA Police Uniforms

80s era PSA Police Officer and vehicle
PSA Police group photos
PSA Police Junior Officers wear two toned uniforms with a slightly lighter top to distinguish themselves from the Singapore Police Force. Only Senior Officers are allowed to wear similar blue color to the SPF. Their vehicle livery also differ from vehicles of other APFs and SPF

CIAS Auxiliary Police Force

CIAS APF (Changi International Airport Services Auxiliary Police Force) was a auxiliary police force owned by CIAS, a ground handling company which has since been renamed "dnata" after being bought by the Dubai based company. The force itself was somewhat formed in partnership with PSA Auxiliary Police. CIAS APF is now merged with AETOS Auxiliary Police since 2004.
Final version of CIAS Auxiliary Police Force logo
Older CIAS Police Collar Crest
CIAS Police Uniform Buttons

CIAS APF Uniforms

CIAS Policeman 
CIAS APF Traffic Enforcement Unit
CIAS Police Officer in the early 90s
CIAS APF officers use the same uniforms as PSA Police. The two toned uniforms with a slightly lighter top. This is due to PSA's involvement in starting CIAS at that time and the APF uniform may have been brought over from PSA Police.

Polis Tambahan Pulau Bukom

This particular auxiliary police force is rarely seen as it is based within Pulau Bukom, currently a Royal Dutch Shell oil refinery. The name, Polis Tambahan Pulau Bukom is Malay for Pulau Bukom Additional Police. But under the law, they still hold similar powers as any Auxiliary Police Officer while on duty. The force is currently owned by Shell themselves.
Old Pulau Bukom APF Uniforms
A Pulau Bukom APF officer in the current uniform.
An officer on duty at the ferry terminal.

Sentosa Development Corporation Auxiliary Police Force

The crest of Sentosa Auxiliary Police
Sentosa Ranger Pick-up Truck
Sentosa Ranger on a Motorbike
Sentosa Rangers posing for a shot.
Sentosa Auxiliary Police ceased to be an Auxiliary Police Force from 1st November 2002. Not much is known about the force as I have known no one who works or was formerly in the force. Today, the organization is known as "Sentosa Ranger". The officers now hold similar powers to security officers.

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